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What is the Fife Diet?
The Fife Diet is a mass-member food network of people accessing sustainable local food. We bring people together who want to know where their food comes from and how it was produced. Together we are creating alternatives to the globalised food system that will be part of our low carbon future. We aim to help each other re-learn how to eat seasonally and challenge the insanity of food miles.

How Do I Join?
Joining the Fife Diet is very simple and newly spruced up with our online membership database! Even if you’re already signed up and a member please click on the button to the right and sign yourself up in our new format. You can register as an individual or household, living in Fife or beyond. The sign-up takes under 5 minutes and will help us track our progress and the impact we can make together.

Just click on the Members Area button on the right and select the right membership for you – it’s all free.